Understanding Debilitating Neuropathy Pain

Neuropathy is a bizarre and very serious type of pain that affects a small number of people around the world. While neuropathy is not understood completely, it is understood to cause some of the most severe sensations of pain that the human body can experience.
What is Neuropathy?
Neuropathy is a condition wherein a specific nerve in the human body is damaged beyond repair. This damage may be caused by a genetic disease, by a physical injury, by drug use or by some other unknown factor. When the nerve is damaged so extensively, serious pain can occur which can render the individual suffering from the pain completely incapable of functioning normally.
Neuropathy Sensitivity
One common type of neuropathy symptom is increased sensitivity to a particular part of the body. This most often occurs with the skin. Individuals who damage a specific nerve in the body may have dramatically increased sensitivity to the skin. In these cases, the simple brush of a bed sheet or the touch of a single finger can cause raging pain to spread across the surface of the skin. Individuals who have neuropathy sensitivity in their hands or feet are often incapable of leaving the house because the risk of getting touched in those areas is simply too great. Neuropathy is one of the most intense instances of chronic pain known to man. The pain associated with neuropathy is often so great and so intense that it can cause temporary insanity. While this condition is extremely rare, it is also extremely serious. Some people experience neuropathy that affects their other senses. For example, some people may experience a sensitivity to light or sound that causes intense feelings of pain if that sense is stimulated. So, if an individual with a light sensitivity walked out of a darkened room, the light may be so intense that it would actually cause pain.
Treating Neuropathy Pain
Neuropathy pain is one of the most difficult pains to treat effectively. Because it is caused by a damaged nerve, many normal pain treatments simply will not work. They are not powerful enough to stop the nerve from firing so intensely. Neuropathy pain treatment may involve deadening the nerve completely which would result in a complete loss of sensation to a particular part of the body. Considering the severity of neuropathy symptoms, however, this may be preferable to the intense pain.